Monday, January 26, 2009

It was so fun to all get together to celebrate Courtney's birthday. Sisters and mexican food, it doesn't get much better than that. So glad to be home for a weekend and see everyone, except mom and day, but including the puppies, who by the way, got into a little fight with two other dogs, when I took them for a run on Sunday morning. All is well though. 

School is school. And I am just counting down the days till' summer arrives, shorts, sun, snow cones, and sunscreen! I really am ecstatic. I am liking most of my classes, and I love my chemistry teacher. He is a very bold christian and is just the sweetest old man who is very reminiscent of a grandfather figure. 

As hard as a time I have been having with this new adjustment I have never felt so much peace. I know their is a purpose for my being here and whether it is revealed now or never I know God is fully with me while here at TWU, and quite frankly that is all I need in this life. He has been so loud here to me. I feel Him speaking so clearly and comforting me as I miss you guys. 

If you get a chance listen to God of Justice by Tim Hughes and May Our Praise by Leeland. Those are my two theme songs for this semester. 

What is going on with yall? How is work, school, and everything else? 
I love yall so very much and hope yall know that. 

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