Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blessed Assurance

I am so thankful for UNT. A challenging school but full of interesting people. I am so glad to be out of the bubble, but it is hard. I know what I believe and I believe it with all my heart. I was convicted to night though to know it more, so i will set off to the library first thing in the morning. 

God has given me so many challenging, but cool opportunities this semester. 
Last week our college group split into groups and traveled dorm to dorm. We wanted to serve the people of our community and knocked on doors asking if we could take out their trash for them. People were amazed that we actually wanted to do that for them. We also asked each if they had a prayer request and gave them more info about our church. The community was really open for the most part and people's reactions were so funny. It truly was so much fun though. 

Today a man was preaching on campus. He had drawn a huge crowd with people from all religions and it was more of a debate and question asking forum type thing in the middle of the campus green. Me and kristen decided to stop for just a few minutes but ended up being there for two and half hours. So many people are looking for answers. I am not adequate enough to talk to people but had the opportunity to talk with several atheist. Smart ones...they are so smart! And completely open. and they were surprised that many christians were willing to talk so openly and learn new things. I also had the opportunity to talk to two proclaimed satanist. At first the situation was completely hostile, but I know God was working in their lives. We shared both view points and she asked questions. We talked awhile, and she has been hurt my many christians. I hope she was able to see that God loves her in and out, and wants that perfect relationship with her.  The talk ended in the sharing of tattoos ideas, seeing pictures of her daughter, and a hug. God is working in denton and these people are searching for something more. 

I will being doing my research so i can further talk to these people and talk more. Even though I would give everything for what I believe it does not convince those who need the evidence.

For Me, I can not believe that my sin has been completely removed and forgotten. It is so amazing how God is continually showing His love for Us. 

It is well with my soul. 

Monday, November 17, 2008


Sorry I have not updated things have been So crazy! 

Went to Lake Murray this weekend with the old c
rew. It was so much fun and a nice short break. We left on saturday and just sat around the campfire talking and cooking hot dogs and smores almost all of saturday and then hung out a little on sunday before heading back. It has been forever since any of us had been, and it Looks exactly the same. Not one thing has changed. My camer
a died the day we got there, but everyone took lots of pictures. I will post some on my next entry. 

Also this week me and Amber got to Chris Carrabba live. It was really fun to see someone I have loved for so long and someone whose lyrics have been written on practically everything I own and whose cd's have been played so much they no longer work. He was great live and really funny....and of course beautiful. 

I Had a job interview at Hobby Lobby last week, but I don't think it went that well, and I got a weird vibe from the guy who interviewed me so I will not be so sad if it doesn't work out. 

This week Twilight comes out and I will be joining the avid readers to see it at 12:01 on thursday night. should be fun, my friends kind of want to dresss up, but I am opting for a homemade t-shirt instead. 

Miss you girls. Can't wait to all be together at Thanksgiving. Love you. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The one with the Elf

So this past week was extremely busy and so will the next month until it's time for christmas break. I have been drinking tons of black coffee to help me stay up each day. But Christm
as break is soon and all is well. I have been studying all afternoon and needed something to take my mind off of studying and have begun composing my list of things to do over christmas break. It might be early but it is what's getting me through. 
P.S. please pray for me this week...I have a HUGE test on thursday and have not had t
ime to hardly touch the information. I am so nervous. 

Okay here it goes.
..not a complete list, but a good portion of it
1. Make a trip to Sprinkles
 Cupcakes. I have been saying this for years but have not yet been. I have wanted to go since Jessica Simpson had them once on The Newlyweds...forever ago. 

2. The Parade of Lights On November 28, 2008!! I am excited about this. I have not been since I was little and want to go. 

3. Make Tamales...Whitt is gonna bring 
her skills. 

4. Read for Pleasure. How to be Good and The Lucky One for sure and probably more. 

5. Watch Elf a thousand times since it the most hilarious movie in the world....I am actually watching this right now 

6. Go christmas light looking. 

7. Make Christmas Cookies

8. Drink Carmel Apple 

9. Sit by the Fireplace

10. Gaylord Texas Ice.

11. Dallas Stars Game or Games...

12. Watch the Polar Express at the Om
ni Theatre

13. Kimbell Art Museum

14. Watch the Grinch