Monday, November 17, 2008


Sorry I have not updated things have been So crazy! 

Went to Lake Murray this weekend with the old c
rew. It was so much fun and a nice short break. We left on saturday and just sat around the campfire talking and cooking hot dogs and smores almost all of saturday and then hung out a little on sunday before heading back. It has been forever since any of us had been, and it Looks exactly the same. Not one thing has changed. My camer
a died the day we got there, but everyone took lots of pictures. I will post some on my next entry. 

Also this week me and Amber got to Chris Carrabba live. It was really fun to see someone I have loved for so long and someone whose lyrics have been written on practically everything I own and whose cd's have been played so much they no longer work. He was great live and really funny....and of course beautiful. 

I Had a job interview at Hobby Lobby last week, but I don't think it went that well, and I got a weird vibe from the guy who interviewed me so I will not be so sad if it doesn't work out. 

This week Twilight comes out and I will be joining the avid readers to see it at 12:01 on thursday night. should be fun, my friends kind of want to dresss up, but I am opting for a homemade t-shirt instead. 

Miss you girls. Can't wait to all be together at Thanksgiving. Love you. 


courtneylowe said...

I realize how little we get to see you now KK. We do miss you and I am excited about having everyone in one place for thanksgiving. Steve & I should be at mom and dads around one. I think we should take a family trip to Lake Murray again. Maybe we can talk dad into it next fall...:)

Whitt said...

I saw the pics from lake murray. HOW FUN!! That was such a great idea. I miss you. I got to see the whole group this week but missed seeing you. Semester is coming to a close. Im so proud of you for working so hard and I know it will pay off.