Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"The Planets Bend Between Us"

A little bit of cold weather is here!!! I think it makes all things more bearable. I hope it stays like this. I was kind of missing that rain from last week when it poured down everyday.

I think I would like one of these cute umbrellas to carry in the rain.

You can buy it here.

I don't want to do anything today, but sit at home listening to snowpatrol. I forgo how much I love them.

Looking forward to the Texas State Fair.
And only 93 days until christmas.

"The winters mar the Earth
It's floored with frozen glass
You slip into my arms
And you quickly correct yourself
Your freezing speech bubbles
Seem to hold your words aloft
I want the smoky clouds of laughter
To swim about me forever more"-Snow Patrol


Heather said...


I really missed the rain, too. :-)

Kristiane Smith said...

your blog is adorable... and wonderful.

i am so glad i live with you.