Friday, August 21, 2009


Been listening lots to The Second Gleam album by The Avett Brothers, which is wonderful! The word gleam really struck me this morning, I had to look it up.

Gleam: verb; shine brightly, esp with reflected light; appear or be expressed through the brightness of someone's eyes or expression

It reminded me of how last semester my word to live out was "Shine." I hope that as my faith grows in the Lord that I would shine brightly, and not
only that my countenance would show His love, but that I would be able to verbally express my thanks and love for Him to others around me.

Started reading Love Notes by Ryan Dalgliesh. God already used showed me His faithfulness, and love in the first few chapters. I am excited to continue reading.

Missing my family lots today.

Kort, Me, and Whitt

Bubba & Dad
The Boys
Momma & Me
Little Sister

Spent the Weekend in Austin/San Antonio. Will post pictures soon. Spending the afternoon at IKEA with my housemates :]

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