Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Will you Return?

I am terrible at keeping up with this blog once things get crazy. 
I am finally all moved in to my new house here in Denton, and really loving it. We all have been so lazy just reading, sleeping in, and staying up late. It has been really nice to relax finally, but I think I will greet the fall with open arms, even if it means school. I can not wait for all my sisters to come up and visit, I call dibs on hosting our next sister night! I miss yall so very much. 

I have been reading several blogs, and a dear friend 
showed me this one recently, (, I have been spending way to much time on there, but was completely fascinated by her happiness project. I decided to make my own list of  ten things that make me terribly happy. So here they are...

1. Being saved by grace, loved so completely by God even though I often don't deserve it. 
2. Seeing God's plans come to 
fruition after things haven't gone my way, for which I am almost always eternally grateful. 
3. Spending time with my family because they know me so well, and because I laugh harder with them than anyone else. 
4. Driving at night with all the windows down. 
5. The first breath of cold air, which is the start to all wonderful festivities such as: thanksgiving, christmas, and new years. 
6. Traveling and everything that goes with it like airports, flying, foreign foods, meeting new people, and sometimes getting lost. 
7. Daydreaming about the future. 
8. Receiving and sending mail. 
9. Mixed c.d's and tapes because each mix has its own sound, and a piece of that person is revealed in the process. 
10. Rainy days full of reading, watching movies, and little naps. 

It was so hard to narrow it down to just ten. Happy thoughts kept coming,  I could write a whole book on things that make me happy. :]
If you decide to make a list. I want to see!!! Show me. 

Been listening to lots of The Avett Brothers, thanks to the roomies, and they are terrific. Check them out. 

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Heather said...

I love you. :-)

Travel is one of my favorite things too. I know a lot of people hate airports, but I love them, and all the great people you meet. Also, I love you for recognizing the first breath of cold air as a significant yearly event. I do as well. ^_^