Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Vine Street

I briskly left my afternoon class and headed on down vine street. I encountered the most charming yellow house anyone could imagine. A precious blue fence was present to complete its dollhouse appearance. I proceeded up the steps up to my friends studio apartment leaving a merry little present. I left some chocolate chocolate chip banana muffins hanging on her door handle to greet her when she arrived home. Running down the steps I spotted a gray Mr. Kitten. I had dreamt of greeting him with a curtsy, petting him and befriending him. He ran away faster than I could say hello. I continued on passing a house on my right covered in vines and an old man wearing a purple button-up. Just as sweet as could be. I took a right onto shmitz and crunched in all the leaves covering the street. I arrived to my car, got in and drove right back up through vine street so I could experience it all again.

I did all this while listening to:

Hear Me Out- Ben Kweller
I Would Be Sad- The Avett Brothers.

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