Sunday, October 19, 2008

Na Na Na Na Na

This weekend went by way too fast but it was so much fun. Lots of just hanging with the girls here in denton and studying of course. 

This morning in church an international children's choir came to lead us in worship. The children were from all over the world and it was precious. I was crying the whole time and after their performance the kids drifted into the isles to hug us. It was the best thing i could have ever received and it completely made my day. It might even make my week. The children sang and shared testimonies. It was such a blessing and a needed reminder of just how blessed I am. Did i mention how much i want to move to africa now? Maybe not move there but go and give aid to those who dont have it. 

The children showed me an innocent whole hearted love and while we are not to necessarily always be childlike in our faith...we are to grow and advance...I am certain loving like children is something as adults we are to do. They love whole heartedly not holding anything back. I can not explain to you the joy that radiated from their faces today. 

I adopted a girl to support. I originally had wanted a little boy from africa, but this card crossed my path and I knew it was for me. Her name is Anassetalle. She is eight years old, wants to be a nurse, and loves to sing. I know if i was to meet her we would be a pair. I am so excited I have always wanted to do this. She is beautiful in every way. 
I wish i could be there to hold her and tell her she is loved, but since I cant I can love her in this way. I get to send her letters! 

Only 66 days til christmas...and so much sooner to halloween. :]

This week is a busy week with two hard test and next week is harder with four test, But I am confident I can make it to thanksgiving which means I can def. make it throught the semester. 

I also started a new book- The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. It is good and should be finished in two days. After that I want to read Sparks brand new book The Lucky One. It sounds so good! Any other books suggestions? I could not decide at Hastings yesterday. 

Love yall, Let me know if yall have specific prayer request.  

P.S. I really miss old nickelodean...Clarissa Explains It All, Doug, Alex Mac, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Salute Your Shorts, and Hey Dude! I wish nickelodean was as good as it was when i was young. 


Whitt said...

that sounds wonederful! im so glad you had the opportunity to be so blessed and in return find so much joy in bleesing others.
I got some new music you'll probably like. I was introduced to them when I saw Ingrd: Priscilla Ahn and new Rachel Yamagata and new Ingrid.
Christmas is sooo close. YEAH.

courtneylowe said...

I am so happy for you KK. I know how important it is when you find your calling to something. I think you definitely have a gift for children. God has blessed you.