Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The One with the Dresses

Today has been such a long day. I know that I have an easy life compared to lots of people considering I don't work, but this day was full of studying for my two anatomy test. I was stuffed up in a library a good part of the day when all I really wanted to do was aimlessly stroll the square and ride my bike because the weather was amazingly beautiful. 

But the night is ending and I am finally able to sit back and watch an episode of friends and enjoy my recent love. Sugar Free Mochachino Pudding with Sugar Free Whipped Topping. I am watching the Friends episode where c
handler crosses the line. haha, Ross just played his "sound" at the coffee shop. I don't feel like this show ever gets old. 

I am really excited about this book club idea! I think one of the books we should read is "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers, unless everyone has read it. I have read it once but devoured it in a few days because it was so wonderful. Any other ideas for Books?

I was trying to watch the debates tonight like a standup american but just can not. I don't want to say that I am apathetic about this election, because I certainly am not, but I just don't particularly like either candidate. I will vote and will vote for someone on where they stand issue wise, but it is real
ly hard when I just don't feel particularly drawn one way or the other. 

I was telling amber about this wonderful website Etsy.com they have some of the cutest dresses I have ever seen and one day I will own one. 


Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Aren't they pretty? I'm in love. 

Also, I have been looking on the internet at recipes and I have already started finding recipes for our next get together. I have also begun planning a little menu for things to cook when I go home this weekend. 

I am so looking forward to this weekend and am ecstatic to 
spend some time with the family and puppies. 

Off to study statistics, world lit, and more anatomy. 

Love you girls, Have a good Week!

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Whitt said...

i love those dresses too. especially the yellow one. sorry you had one of those study all week days but im glad you will get to be in town this weekend and hang with the family. i love you and missed you last night at the game. you were there in my thoughts. :) your devotion to your studies will pay off, i promise you.